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Minnesota State University Honors Students Reflect on San Pedro, Belize

Four Honors students and a faculty member from Minnesota State University Mankato traveled to San Pedro over Spring Break in... Read More →

MSU Speech/Language Pathology Program Jan 2014

  In January 2014 seven students from Minnesota State University Mankato Speech/Language Pathology Department, traveled to San Pedro, Belize.  This was... Read More →

Service Opportunities Abroad

The university students have the opportunity to work with the Belize school administrators and teachers, children and their families under the supervision of their university faculty.
Corporate partnerships with businesses in the USA/Canada and Belize to provide technical and vocational training to Belize employees.  Corporate partnerships also provide the resources for greater technology to be implemented in Belize.
Opportunity for university Alumni groups and businesses to travel to Belize with a certain focus while providing a needed service to the Belize community.  This enriches the intercultural experience for all participating. Please ask us about the Belize Sabbatical Center, where professors from universities connect to a long-term project in the community during their stay in Belize.
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