Reef View Education Center

Reef View Education Center launched in January 2013 as a result of the efforts and vision of building owner, Curt Fisher, and administrators & faculty at Minnesota State University Mankato.

Curt & Debbie Fisher also own Blue Tang Inn since 2000, located near Reef View in San Pedro Town. Mr. Fisher lives in Mankato, MN, is alumni of Minnesota State University Mankato and has a passion for providing opportunities for MSU Mankato students. The Reef View Education Center blends his passions for MSU Mankato and Belize.

The focus of the MSU/ Belize Initiative is to create opportunities for faculty, undergraduate and graduate students to provide services to meet the needs of Belize children, families and industry. The students are engaged in assessing, developing and implementing intervention plans as needed for specifically identified school-aged children.

The MSU Council of Deans serve as the Advisory Board to identify specific programs for involvement in the Belize Initiative. MSU Deans, Barry Ries and Harry Krampf will work closely with Belize officials and the Center to assure goals are being met and the Center is being used to the maximum extent possible.

The development of international partnerships gives MSU students the opportunity through experience to enhance their perspective of the world through intercultural exchange. Students also gain experience in research, collaboration, international travel and serving others.

Many other universities throughout the USA have current initiatives in Belize or are interested in creating service abroad opportunities, and the Reef View Education Center provides a place for all universities and corporations to share and collaborate for the benefit of the Belize people.

Curt’s daughter, Kristin Lamoureux, is the Project Coordinator, connecting university faculty, corporations and Belize school leaders and to support the travel planning and logistics for each group.
Please contact Kristin for more information at 1-866-337-8202 in Minnesota or