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Holy Cross Anglican Primary School is located on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. Founded in September 2006, our school educates 440 students from preschool to Standard 6 (8th grade). This is not your typical school, though it may look so from the outside. What makes us different?

  1. Our Community. Our school is located in – and draws many of it’s students from – the incredibly poor neighborhood of San Mateo, which at one time won the dubious honor of being recognized as the most at risk community in all of Belize by the Red Cross. At risk of what, you ask? Well… everything the Red Cross was measuring risk of, being it risk of hurricane, risk or fire or risk or disease. This means many of our families face incredible need and, though hard working, often struggle to provide the necessities for their children.
  2. What we offer our students: We don’t just provide an education, we seek to provide an excellent education that meets the needs of the modern world. We have a computer lab, a well stocked library and strive to provide excellent resources for our teachers. We also provide for the health of our students, by providing a nutritious lunch, dental care and volunteer doctors. Finally, for those who cannot afford their own, we provide the pencils, paper, shoes and more so they can attend school.
  3. We embrace visitors & volunteers: What we have to offer, we can only give because it was given to us first, so we rely heavily on donations. Our school was built and is maintained by volunteers, while many of our school supplies that we provide to our students was donated by visiting families and individuals. So if you are coming to the island – or who know someone who is – please have them contact us to arrange a visit. We’d love to meet you.

You’d expect a school like this to have a great story behind it. And we do. Great people too. The school was founded in 2006 by Francis and Vernon Wilson, two missionaries from Virginia, USA who were working in Belize City. They saw the incredible need for a new school in San Pedro – the existing schools were full and then some – and, unlike many who would have just felt sad about the need, they did something about it. In just five years they took a muddy lagoon and turned it into the school you see today.

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Wish List

Holy Cross Anglican School relies on tuition and private donations to provide excellence in academics for our students. We also have a ‘wish list’ for anyone that desires to donate the following items, it would be very appreciated!

Please visit their Wish List page here.

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