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La Isla Bonita Elementary School opened its doors as a private school in September 2000 with a total enrollment of 35 children helping alleviate congestion at other schools on the Island. Unfortunately, the same year it was opened, luck was not present because the newly constructed buildings were completely destroyed by hurricane Keith. Nevertheless, the school faced the challenge and took a stand for a new start and only 2 weeks after the disaster, it was the first school to reopen.

Today, La Isla Bonita Elementary School is back on its feet and has developed ever further with 112 students presently enrolled at the school. Students are split into 8 classrooms from Infant I to Standard VI with an average of 12-15 children per class.

Isla Bonita prides itself on having an exceptional learning environment. The classrooms at the school are all air conditioned, they have clean drinking water in every classroom and they keep the school spotlessly clean. The vision of the school staff and management is focused on future expansion and being a leader in the provision of education.

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Wish List

Physical Supplies

  • Reading books
  • Jumbo permanent markers
  • Shoes for 3 to 15 years old
  • Teacher geometry sets
  • Posters
  • Class book sets
  • Coloring Books
  • Glue
  • Art and craft supplies
  • Adult ibuprofen
  • Pepto bismol
  • Sport equipment
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Back packs
  • Envelopes
  • Marching band instruments such as drums

Other Needs

  • Scholarships to help students attend the school (the school is only surviving on students’ tuition fees and already provides school supplies for each student at the beginning of the school year, but experiences some drop outs for financial reasons. The school is eager to find a way to help those students out.)
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