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San Pedro High School is a private and government aided school founded in 1971 at a time when only 2 students from the island were attending high school in Belize City. The school was hence established to break away from this pattern and provide the opportunity for a wider sector of the community. It is the only high school on the island so far.

San Pedro High School started with 30 students and graduated 9 in its first graduation. Today the enrollment is 495 students with an average graduating class of 30 supported by 28 full time teachers and 6 other supporting staff.

Since the year 2000, San Pedro High School offer the opportunity for students who wish to specialize to move on to tertiary level of education at Junior College. About 80 students attend this night program. The school’s efforts to provide good education to their students continue with a new program started this year. In fact, the school offers another night division for dropout students to support them in finishing their secondary education. About 70 students are attending these night classes illustrating the need and success of this program.

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Wish List

Physical Supplies

  • Exercise books
  • Pens
  • Calculators (scientific)
  • Black shoes (size 7 to 13)
  • Geometry sets
  • Projectors
  • Sporting equipment
  • Music equipment


  • Special education
  • Behavioral education
  • Professional development for mathematics teachers
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