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The Island Academy

The Island Academy is a private school built in 1995 in response to overcrowding issues at the only primary school present on the island at that time (San Pedro Roman Catholic primary school), as well as for a need for better education. The school started with 35 students and now has a current enrollment of 65 students, which can go up to 90 students.

The school accepts students from 5 to 14 years old from Infant I to Standard VI with an average of 10-15 children per class. There are presently 6 full-time teachers and 2 afternoon teachers offering special classes of Art and Spanish.

The Island Academy prides itself for developing the character of their young students and instilling discipline and values of citizenship. Students are provided with opportunities to participate in charitable programs with the community and the school. Also, assemblies are held 2 to 3 times per week during which students perform oral presentations in front of all classes and staff as a way to encourage and improve oral skills and character building.

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Wish List

The Island Academy School relies on tuition and private donations to provide excellence in academics for our students. We also have a ‘wish list’ for anyone that desires to donate the following items, it would be very appreciated!

Physical Supplies

  • Art and craft supplies
  • Sport equipment: balls (volleyball, soccer, American football, rubber bouncing balls) + softball equipment (gloves, bats and balls) + jump ropes, Frisbees and sand-digging tools.
  • Laptops
  • Books both fiction and reference in quantities of 5 or more


  • Speech therapy assessment/intervention
  • Behavior modification models
  • Reading Level assessment
  • Learning disability assessment/accommodations
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