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Benefits of Intercultural Experiences

Reef View Education Center provides the opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students to engage in service abroad learning in Belize.

This opportunity enhances each student’s perspective of the world through intercultural experience.

Students gain experience in research, collaboration, international travel and serving others.

Some examples of collaborative projects with the Reef View Education Center include:

  • University Student Service Abroad and Intercultural Experience: The university students have the opportunity to work with the Belize school administrators and teachers, children and their families under the supervision of their university faculty.
    • Keeping records and share these among other university service abroad groups to provide more on-going services to the Belize community.
  • Corporate partnerships with businesses in the USA/Canada and Belize to provide technical and vocational training to Belize employees.  Corporate partnerships also provide the resources for greater technology to be implemented in Belize.
  • Professional Development/ Continuing Education opportunity for university Alumni groups and businesses to travel to Belize with a certain focus while providing a needed service to the Belize community.  This enriches the intercultural experience for all participating.
  • Belize Sabbatical Center, where professors from universities connect to a long-term project in the community during their stay in Belize.

Reef View Education Center can assist you in creating a Service Abroad Experience for your group.

Contact Program Coordinator, Kristin Fisher, to learn more about:

  • International Airfare to Belize
  • Local Air to Ambergris Caye
  • Reef View Accommodations
  • Fun tours to enjoy in Belize

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